Name: Charlotte Deldaele

Date of Birth: 05/06/1993

Place of Birth: Kortrijk, Belgium

Sports: Triathlon sinds I was 5


Coach: Stijn Goris

Languages: Dutch , English and some French


Welcome on my Blog. It is my intention to keep all my friends, family and all the interested people updated with my Triathlon life.


I studied Spa & wellness consultant and graduated. After that I studied Sport, Health and fitness coaching and also make-up artist to get rid of the creative part of me, it’s so much fun and something totally different. Now I working a part-time job and combinate with my Topsport triathlon. It’s not perfect to be working late shifts and keep up the good energy. But I live a alone with my partner and we have to earn some money, one way or an other.


A lot of people who know me will agree when I say that I’m not an ordinary girl. I do like girls stuff like high heels and nailpolish and a lot more. But beside all that I have my passion for music (the rough music like Hardrock, Hardcore (rock-Metal) kind of stuff). The music and shows they do are a very important thing in my life, to forget about everything and having totally different interest besides triathlon. And then we have tattoos. Everything has a meaning and there will be more. My body is my journey, it’s like a book and everything on it will tell things about me most people don’t even know. I went through a lot. My tattoos always helped me to move on, give it a place or turn the negative things into positive things. It’s part of me, A choice I’ve made.


First I’ll explain shortly what my life is all about. I’m a Belgian girl who has always been passionated about triathlon. My parents went to the Olympics in Seoul ’88 , both in Kayak. After the Kayaking they decided to have 2 Kids, Me and 3years later my little brother. Since I was born my dad started doing Triathlon and became trainer in a local new triathlon club. So as you all can imagine. I wasn’t only raised on food and love. but also on triathlon. Doing local running races for tangerines and candy. Going to Lanzarote with the big triathletes back then was all part of growing up. As I turned 5 the swimming pool became my second home. I loved to swim and being in the water. Eventually when I turned 6 I was old enough to became member of the triathlon club and that’s when it all begun. At the age of 12 it was time to start races. I loved it ! Every single part of it, even sometimes I couldn’t bairly breath at the finish it was all worth it.


When I turned 15 I decided to get my triathlon on a higher level and went to the topsport school in Leuven. 3 years boarding school and twice as much training made me better and this gave me the opportunity to start international races. (I’m still very thankful for all the people who gave me the support and opportunities to do this!)


With 8 Belgium Champion titles, The european yought games in Singapore. The first European games in Baku, European and world championships. Some lovely races and some setbacks I expanded my career with international experiences and successes. But there’s still a long hard way to go to get even close the the top level of triathlete in the race field.


It’s still amazing to race with all those big athletes, to push your own limits you never tought you could get beyond.


Train hard, Work hard, Dream big, Keep believing

One Comment on “Biografie

  1. Goeiemorgen Charlotte,
    Alles ok met de form?
    Op vrijdag 01 juli(volgende week vrijdag) is er een 1/8 triotriatlon in Oostrozebeke. Simon en mezelf staan al twee jaar op rij op het podium en zouden dit graag dit jaar herhalen, maar hebben nog iemand nodig die goed kan zwemmen:p We zouden voor de eerste plaats gaan bij de gemengde teams.
    Zwemafstand is 750 meter in het kanaal. Zou jij het zien zitten om als zwemster op te treden bij ons?

    Alvast enorm bedankt op voorhand
    Met vriendelijke groeten

    Mathieu Priem

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