Yesterday we had the Belgian championship 1/4 triathlon.

I had a month of bad races. Due to extern and personal mistakes. I did not Make any race review after these races at that time and I regret it for one reason: These are the things that should be shared more. I was on my mental lowest point after Bruges (where my chain was blocked in the lower gear

Blocked in the lower gear. Did 25k like This in bruges

I was in an extreme mental battle. You put so much into your passion. You work part-time to do what you love most but still you have your own house and monthly Bills to pay. I lost €400 that day and it Made me feel so damn bad. My body was hurting of pushing double force and my head was like a battlefield. I questioned everything, yet the day after I had to cycle for 85k. I Cried 3 times in that trainingweek. My coach pushed me hard yet my body was still hurting and my mind was full of doubt.

Focus on the Belgian champs, you got This! And I did. I Pulled myself through that week and then another week and another one and another one. I had 3weeks of solid training. I could feel myself Growing stronger. Mentally and physically. You know when you hit that point in a big trainingsblock where you either break or grow. I did rise above and i felt ready to tackle the championships.

Saturday morning 9 August at 9:30

Relaxed and focused I prepaired myself for the start

After an average swim I came out of the water after Jolien and around 15”-20” after Hanne with katrien in my feet.

Transition: Quick Charly, This is where you need to close that gap. I jumped on my Bike with only 2m on Hanne. Yes, good! No gap to close Just GO and get Jolien who was β€˜waiting’ to ride together. Smart cause the wind was crazy!

We worked well with the 4 of us (katrien could catch up with us after a few km). But hands down, Hanne was the strongest on the Bike! With 3 escape attempts and speed peaks around 55km/h we could hold on and kept riding until the last lap. That last lap we slowed down. Focusing on the run.

Fast again Charly, GO first out of T2

Another good transition and getting out of T2 with Hanne an Jolien on the heels.

Normally I Would check my position and Just follow for a lap but damn those legs felt strong. My head was strong, how could it not.. last Tuesday I had to do a 3x 1000 track session on – turningpoint heartrate-. The last 1000 I ran a personal best of 3’11 without feeling dead or dying on lactacid. So yeah, the run was what I was looking forward to!

Steady and ready

Yet I felt my stomach cramping together with the best legs underneath. This could not be happening?! One lap done out of four and I tried to focus on other things so the pain Would GO away. Second lap, Jolien started running harder and as bad as I wanted to GO with her my stomach and diaphragm did not agree. At the end of the 2th lap I was running 3th and as we started lap nr 3 I could feel my body shutting down. My pace was getting so slow and then katrien came over. That was it, I knew my race was over. I tried to continue until I saw my coach, I wanted Him to tell me what to do. But This was not what I’ve trained so hard for for so I stopped and had to vomit 3times.

One stupid drink 10’ before the start ruined all of This. All the hard work. All the mental battles of the last weeks. All the pushing myself further. All the tears .. gave me more tears this Saturday.

It was not what i was capable of and that hurted the most.

I WANT TO THANK EVERYONE WHO TEXTED ME AND SAID THE MOST MOTIVATING, HEARTWARMING AND COMFORTING WORDS. I HAVE AMAZING FAMILY AND FRIENDs AND SUPPORT AROUND ME. It makes it all more bearable. Also all the other athletes I race with who texted me, thank you for that!

Congrats to the podium girls, you all were really strong.

I promise to only look back when my gorgeous wife is riding behind me. NEXT UP Izegem 15aug.

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