About my race in Fredericia 🇩🇰,

I entered this race to do a competition with some other athletes then those I’m ‘used to’. Also to see out friends Kate and Bettina who live in Denmark and who were extreemly excited to see me race one day.
So Oshin and I traveled to denmark a few days before the race. Once we arrived in Fredericia itself on Friday I fell in love with the beautiful landscape and I was really excited to race there.

Saturday was raceday. Everything was checked and I was ready to go. A little swim warm up and WHOOPS !!! JELLYFISH EVERYWHERE. Like, not just a few squishy little dots deep down under me but like huge red long tentacle jellyfish right below the surface of the ocean. The little harbor was closed with a net for the jellyfish and I saw people with nets pulling the on after the other jellyfish out of the water. A little worried I left the water for line up.. We lined up in the water and after only 100m ofcourse Charlotte had a jellyfish straight in the face and everything in my body blocked, that automatic pase of turning your arms around stopped for I don’t know how long and my brain felt frozen. Missed the front group on a few seconds + Slipped over my wetsuit in T1😂 (just to show all of you how my season has been going, fall down – and get that ass back up asap).

Also My box flipped over as you can see in the video the moment I took my bike and goggles fell out so = 10″ penalty😓. AGAIN ?! WHAT KIND OF SEASON IS THIS …..

The first group took too many seconds on the bike.. so I just ran as fast as possible to give myself at least one good feeling about this race. I took my 10″ penalty right before the finish but it was too close by to make the difference and win that sprint.

So 6th place (again) and one more lesson here, Always take your penalty, not too soon but also not too late in the race.

Lesson 2 ALWAYS remember the good feeling, this was my run today and get ready for La roche next Saturday.

-video Fredericia on my page https://www.facebook.com/TriathleteCharlotteDeldaele/ : credits for Kate & Bettina

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