Short update for the supporters.

So 2 weekends ago I had my first grand prix of the year.
I had a terrible race because I woke up with pain in my throut for 3days and the race made it even worse. The day after I went to the doctor the day after and he noted I had a throat infection.
So few days on antibiotics, feeling tired and dizzy made me a bit worried about my race this weekend.
But I had time to rest and recover and it did me well. With a hard startlist and and even harder bike cours I am very curious for my race this weekend. It’s a sprint distance which means we have a 750m sea swim (no wetsuit allowed, water is to hot, YES) a 20k hilly and technical bikepart and a 5k flat run. I realy looking forward to race in a big field with big names on the list. I just want to enjoy the race, put a good result so I can have a nice birthday the day after with my mom as my companion over here.

But the even bigger news I want to tell you all, Is that my lovely fiancee won her european championchip last weekend!! Through this way I want to tell you again how incedible proud I am. She works so hard to get better every day, not only in sport but in every day life and as a person. Working a fulltime job, driving 140k to training every weekday and still giving me enough attention too hahaha. I must admit that she deserved every single moment of pure happiness last weekend within that victory.

I am happy to call her mine, proudly. I am happy with the way we are walking our paths in life and sometimes creating a whole new path just to keep going.. I could not imagine it without my soulmate, and I think that been my strenght these last years. You make everything so much bigger and better.

Link to the newspaper article.

(Picture credits, Dries Verhelst and Karine Fournier)

I hope this european title will bring luck for my selection this weekend.

Fingers crossed, Let’s have some fun and die a few times.

Thanks for reading.

xx Cha

2 Comment on “Focus on the worldcup Cagliari + BIG NEWS!

  1. <3 love you baby! You are awesome!
    Proud of you!

  2. Op naar de volgende Sjalotje ! Het kan verkeren zei bredero ! Je tijd komt ! Blijven verderwerken ! Dikke zoen

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