Here I am again. I finally found some time to make some time..

Between working, training, eating, sleeping, doing the Household (cause sometimes I need to be a housewife too), and spending the little free time with my girl. I’m here to give you guys an update of the last races of my season start


Up’s and downs like the title tells you.


The end of my last blog was right before the elite europeans in Lissabon.

It was an ok race.. I had to do a top 24 and I ended 21.

Looking back I was happy about my swim. The feeling on the bike was hard, There were a lot of truns and wind which made it harder. They realy pushed the speed a few times until the last 2 laps. After that my feeling in the run was ok, but not my best at all. In the moment itself I was just very happy I made the place I wanted and finished around some other good athletes but a few days after, I wasn’t happy at all with it.. I felt like I was walking in circels. Not really making any progress, (because off the flat tire in Madrid this was only my second 10k run of the season but still.. I was searching for that good race feeling and hadn’t found it, yet) It was a good thing my girlfriend was with me and we could relax afterwards


So to calm my head and enjoy life a bit too from time to time, we went to Ericeira for 3days afterwards (only 25′ drive from lissabon).

And it was AMAZING ! I fell I love with portugal, beside the trainings I still had to do we also went surfing. First time on a board..

EASY, for a triathlete cause I’ve been doing stabilisation for years .. I thought hahaha, WRONG. But It was fun and we laughed a lot and met some amazing new people too. From time to time thats all we need in life. A “cut loose” from reality and just live it for a bit.


If you guys wonder where we stayed for those 3 days. You should realy check out this facebook page. These are 2 Belgium guys doing an amzing job in Portugal, gave us the best food and hospitality ever :


After that week it was full speed ahead training for the U23 Junior,

But first we had the Belgium championship sprint distance in Wevelgem.

As I was preparing in that week with a lot of training for the europeans, my trainer saw this as my last hard training.

So curious and excited I stared the race.


I had a very good feeling in the swim. With my favorite zone3 wetsuit back on the I was in THE ZONE 😉


After a quick transition I jumped first on the bike and started riding. Claire michel and Hanne de vet were right behind me so I guessed they would soon pick me up. But after 8k on the bike I came through the transition to start the last lap and I still had more than 20sec lead. As I know the next 3k was full front wind I slowed a bit down but kept on ringing an ok tempo. It was only after 16 of the 20k a big group added with me. I was shoqued about how big this group was and I guess it was the first time in Belgium we had something like this on the bike. So anyway, head on the run.


My running feeling was quite ok. I felt that the legs were still a bit tired but good enough for a good run time. I did a good run, it was only in the sprint with Sara van de vel for the title that a lost it on 2 seconds.. Ended 2th u23 and 4th in total.

A title is Always cool, especialy when you’re in Belgium racing and a lot of people who know you are there but I had to keep my head focused on next goal. Europeans U23 in Burgas


Burgas, I did not like you at all..


About my race: I had a good swim. 9th out of the water. There was a long run with stairs to the transition and with a small group off 10-12 we jumped on the bike. First lap went Great with a good gap on the second group. I tried to let Some girls take turns up front together but didn’t really work.. So one by one they tried to jump away and then the speed went down again. After a few solo attemps the second group came closer in the 2th lap and end of the 3th lap it was one big group of 25-30 athletes. As i jumped off my bike I already felt I had Some heavy legs. Don’t know why but felt like shit.. You must know that in the sprint distance every second counts. So as I started the 1th K, girls kept passing by and I could find my pace. After the turning point it was a bit uphill and I felt my breathing got harder and harder. Stitches came up and mentaly I felt like shit. After passing through the first lap i tried to keep it up but I had to stop. Compared to my feeling last week on bk sprint my run was shit! And I wasn’t prepared for an European sprint , It should have been the olympic distance.. (They changed this the day before the race because it was too warm? which makes no sence at all cause the world champs are in Cozumel, very hot en Olympics are in rio very hot.. AND bacause it was a celebration day so they could not close the roads that long, hmm.. ) Anyway I must admit I felt weak on the run not only in my legs but also in my head.

It’s so stupid it had to be on this race but I have to stay positive and think about the future changes I’ll have to make.. To make myself feel good in triathlon and training and everything again.


After this shitty race we did some lactate tests to see where it all went wrong.

Adjusting on the right time is the key the progress I guess.


Cause last sunday was the last day of my 2weeks heavy training and a lot of running compared to my normal weeks (YESS!),
BUT also the second race in Belgium, Vilvoorde of our T3 circuit.


I started with no expectations AT ALL. I Saw it as my last heavy training. Also my trainer told me that I shouldn’t expect too much so I didn’t. Guess it worked out Well.

I had an ok swim with not much swimming last 2 weeks and came second out of the water with 4 other girls. Did a quick transition and just started riding. Soon I Picked up the first girl but not long after that, I was alone on the bike. 2 of the 4 laps I did all by myself and tried to keep up the speed but with that much wind like yesterday and a big chase group it was smarter to wait a bit. So I did


After the bike part I did a good transition and left with my girl Ine Couckuy the transition. Started our 5k run in the heat together. It was only when Katrien verstuyft passed by I pushed the pace & started following. After one lap I had to let go a bit but the second lap I tried to follow as close as I could. After the running turnpoint with a 1.25k to go my stomach started to protest with too much energy drink in it ?. I tried to speed up but I couldn’t. I knew Sara was getting a bit close again but I made the finishline just in time. (Before I had to throw up?)

But finallllly! I had a race with a good feeling and honestly I needed this to give me a mental boost again. So I’m extremely happy with my result to finish after 2training weeks a few seconds after a Great athlete who is going to the olympics and before another Great athlete and bike-animal Sara van de vel!


Thank you, all the people who supported me at the sidelines! My amazing club EFC-ITC and all the sponsors!!!!


And a special thanks to my love Oshin derieuw who cheered her Longs out and always stood behind me no matter how bad I felt before



(Some photo’s of our first outdoor swim in Ktown.) Strong and happy, That’s how ETIXX Sports nutrition makes us feel!

Good energy, good recovery, good support, it’s all the athlete needs.



And last one to go out with a smile,

Charlotte trying to strike a baywatch pose while coming out of the pool but water pops into her eye (y) Perfect. #funkitaswimwear #funkitalove


Thanks for reading!

Love, Charlotte

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