I didn’t had a lot of time lately + I forgot my blog login but here I am. With some more about my race at Istanbul + the European championships to begin with and my vacation afterwards.

ETU Istanbul:

One week after the European games I flew off to Istanbul all alone to do a last minute race over there. It was important for me to get some more ITU points so I could get myself higher in the international ranking but also to get selected for the world championships in Chicago.

It was an extremely fast race and my 4th in a row (all withing 4 weeks).

I knew I would swim fast, cause the day before the race I did some swim course familiarization and the water was overloaded with jellyfish. Although they didn’t bite It was freaking me out to feel jellyfishes touching your arms and legs and hands and feet.. Brr


So raceday, I did a very good and fast swim 😉 and we got the chance to get away with some athletes. Around 7 athletes in my group and also Lisa Norden the bike part was full speed ahead. On the 20k we only did 1’ / 1’ 30 slower than the fastest boys. And eventhough it was my 4th race and I felt death after the bike part I did a pretty good 5k run. After one lap I was running together with Peron and she’s a strong runner. I realy wanted to keep my 4th position as we where running 4th and 5th. It was millimeter work but I could manage to win the sprint in the last meters and finish with a great 4th place!

Yet again, Ain’t no rest for the wicked! Cause only a small 3weeks later I had my European Championship in Banyoles. So we kept training but I must confess it was hard from time to time not to give up on my tired body. But we kept going and I told myself I could get one week off after the Europeans.



The Europeans at Banyoles:


With some very good swimmers at the start of this race I knew it would be important to do the best swim I could. And with all the rumours about the water density and heavy swimming I was curious how it would all go. But I had a great start and quickly free from others around me. I focused on Lucy hall and after the first lap we where in a small group of 5 athletes. After the second lap we I left the water with only 18 seconds after one of the best international swimmers on elite level and did a great swim. But with 2 other british girls in our group who pretended to be taking turns in front but actually just slowing down the speed so lucy could get a bigger gap some girls from the background joined our group. The bike part wasn’t all that fast but I didn’t really had the legs I hoped for. After 20k, we tried to get away with a few athletes but they came back after 1k already. The running was just bad. I was not happy about it. My legs felt so heavy and I just couldn’t get into my phase. After a review with my trainer it was normal it didn’t really go that well. First of all cause we actually really focused on doing well on the European Games @ Baku and also cause we didn’t really knew what all those races would do to my body and performance.

So to give a better look about how I felt right after my race:

Felt like dying indeed 😉
11807318_796336567150627_8583864925856093258_o (1)



So after a busy season already I felt it was time for some time off and do some other things for one week. In the beginning of the week I had some time off from training and just getting to work. I really love my job but I’ll tell you guys a bit more about all this a bit later. And on Wednesday evening I had to work until 22h in the evening and so did my girlfriend. We already packed our little van Daisy and made it all cosy for a sleep-stop along the road. We went to The Jura @ france (a small 6h drive) and only 1h30 from Geneva.

Here are some pictures of our adventures:


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