So a big month has passed and a lot of things have been going on in my life.


First of all, few weeks after Doornick my shin splints became a bit of a problem again. I know what kind of hell it is to have an injury like that for a long time. Been there, done that. So from the very first moment I felt something I started to take preventive care for it. I want to thank Justin Courturon for the good care so I could still fully preperare for the first Olympic European Games at Baku.



Between all that we had also the Team relay @ zwevegem : Short and very explosive race at the end of a week that I didn’t felt all that good. Anyhow our amazing team : Ine coucuyt (which came out of a way to long injury period of not running at all) , Jolien Lewely and myself did good. Each of us had to swim 250m – 5k bike- 1.5k run It was a very exciting race and no one could tell until the last 100-200 meters who would take the golden medal. SMO took the victory, Our amazing team ended very satisfied with a second place. Korte review van Team relay op Focus WTV :


Next stop: Belgium Championship

One week after that It were the Belgium Championships in L’Eau D’Heure. It was ages ago that I started a race there. Since the very first years of competition (12year) L’eau D’heure had always been a very beautiful place to race. This was my first year on the new parcour over there. Short review: Extremely heavy! I must admit I think I was more nervous for this Belgium championship than the international races I already did this year. Why? I don’t know. Or maybe I do, because the people I love most where all there! My mom, my dad, grandparents, my girlfriend and her mom. So a lot of extra motivation to do well. With a very good swimstart I could pass the first buoy alone and did the whole swimming part up front. Only the last 200m it became a bit more heavy swimming against the stream and Frone came swimming beside me. With a very fast transition I was alone on the bike. With a heavy parcour like that trying to get a bigger gap alone on the bike would cost me too much

on the run. So I didn’t go all out until Katrien was with me on the bike. The first 2 laps out of 3 I had an very strong feeling on the bike! The last lap I began to feel that some lactate stayed in my legs. Last year in Kortrijk with also a very heavy bike and run parcour I totally crashed the last 2k and ended up at the EHBO post for 20’ after the race. That was not something I wanted to experience again so I focused on suppleness. Katrien and I started the running together and the first 5k lap went very good. The next 2.5k became a bit more heavy to keep up my phase and suppleness. There was waaaaaay to little water on the running, especially with the hot weather that weekend. The last 2k I felt it again, with every little hill it was searching to keep up me speed and not getting fully blocked with lactic acid in the legs! And with that feeling I pushed it through 3 walls and died 10 times to end saticfied with my second place within the elite category and first u23 !!


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