So, I finished 13th today in the etu cup at Quarteira. The weather was not that good but at least it didn’t rain. There was a lot of wind and big waves. So the sea swim was hard and bad to See the right direction. Anyhow I had a good swim start. With a small first group I passed good at the first bouye. After the first round there where a few girls in front, me and 4 other girls didn’t Realy got lucky as the wave pullend us back in the Sea. Second round i could keep up that phase and get out of the water with Some other good swimmers around me. Biking was pretty hard the first 2laps. Not the best feeling but Good enough to stay in the group after the Hill (whitch we had to do 6times). Had a good transition and came out second and ‘waited’ for Some of my tempo runners. The first 2laps went Great! But as i started the 3th one my legs where totally acidified. Being sick since wendnesday didn’t Realy inprove my form today but I can’t complain and I’m pretty saticfied with what I still could pull out of my body and mind!


11070257_10153202355864413_4432740269297814665_nFocus before the race. : Representing TriAnarchy!

Verslagje op 3athlon ook !


Thanks for the support everyone


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